Adult DBT® Programs

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The Adult DBT® Program consists of:

  1. The individual aspect of the adult DBT® program focuses on helping you generalize skills learned in skills group to your daily life. Individual therapy occurs weekly with a therapist who is highly trained and adept at understanding your dynamics. Your will be learning a host of skills in weekly skills class; however, at times may need assistance in applying them in your own life. The final aspect of individual DBT® treatment is the use of the diary card. This is a document that you are expected to fill out daily to record your moods and behaviors, a tool for accurate reporting in individual therapy.

  2. The adult DBT® Skills Training Classes provide an environment for members to learn and refine skills for daily coping. Our intensively trained DBT® clinicians closely adhere to, and are compliant with, full DBT® protocol. The Classes run on a rotating cycle that meets weekly for two hours. DBT® is most effective when the cycle is completed twice which takes approximately one year.

  3. In addition to weekly therapy, skills generalization is also available during phone coaching. Phone coaching is a component to the comprehensive DBT® program in which you are permitted to call your therapist 24/7. Phone coaching consists of a 5-8 minute phone call prior to engaging in any maladaptive behavior in order to get help in figuring out which skills to use.