We offer the region's best DBT therapists

Do you struggle to manage your emotions, tolerate distress, or suffer from difficult relationships? 

Mindfully is one of the region’s top DBT providers – we do DBT counseling and DBT group skills classes.  We even train other clinicians to do DBT!

Mindfully’s full DBT® service is a highly-structured program that has been shown to be effective in helping people who feel emotions very intensely, including people with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and people who struggle with anger, depression, and feelings of hopelessness.

Our expert DBT® therapists can help adults and teens. Most clients who commit to the DBT® regimen will see significant improvement in their lives.

As a DBT® client, you will gain an array of skills to manage your emotions, and you’ll learn constructive ways to deal with impulsive behaviors that often accompany strong emotions.

Unlike many other DBT® programs, Mindfully’s is a fully adherent program. This means that as a participant in our DBT program, you will participate in a weekly individual session, as well as a weekly skills training group. You will also have access to your clinician for phone coaching outside of their session and group time.

You will have the support of not just your clinician and group lead, but also the entire DBT team at Mindfully.

For Adults

Our Adult DBT® Program focuses on helping you learn skills and apply them to your daily life:

  • Individual therapy occurs weekly with a highly-trained therapist.
  • Your will learn a host of skills in weekly skills class; however, at times may need assistance in applying them in your own life.
  • You will keep track of a diary card to record your moods and behaviors.
  • You will participate in Adult DBT® Skills Training Classes, to learn and refine skills for daily coping.
  • In addition to weekly therapy, skills generalization is also available during phone coaching. Phone coaching is a component to the comprehensive DBT® program in which you have 24/7 opportunity to contact your therapist.

For Teens

Our high school DBT® program focuses on helping the teen learn skills and how to apply them in daily life.

  1. Individual therapy occurs weekly with a therapist who is highly trained and adept at understanding your family and teen’s dynamics. The parent typically does not participate in the individual session; rapport and trust between client and therapist are paramount.
  2. Teens will be asked to complete a diary card to record their moods and behaviors, a tool for accurate reporting in individual therapy.
  3. The high school DBT® Skills Training Classes provide an environment for teens to learn and refine skills for daily coping. A parent is required to attend and participate as well.
  4. In addition to weekly therapy, teens in our program will have access to phone coaching. Phone coaching is a component to the comprehensive DBT® program in which teens have 24/7 opportunity to contact their therapist.

Discover a life worth living.

Our expert DBT® therapists will create a highly personalized treatment plan to reduce negative behaviors and increase the use of skillful behaviors.

The comprehensive DBT® protocol consists of: ​

  • weekly individual therapy
  • weekly skills training class
  • self-reported diary card completed by the client
  • weekly consultation team meeting for DBT® therapists on the team
  • phone coaching

DBT is a comprehensive regimen, so it’s not for everyone. But rest assured that you will have an entire team of Mindfully therapists watching out for you, and helping you all along the way.