Wellness for Businesses

Mindfully Wellness for Businesses

Help your employees by putting their mental health first. Not only will they thank you for prioritizing their personal wellness, but your company culture and business will thank you too. Employees will be equipped with skills to support for their own mental health, making them stronger contributors to the community you serve.

Mindfully Wellness trainings are evidenced-based and customized for each business we work with. We tailor our content to focus on the areas that you identify as areas of need for your employees. Our sessions are taught by Certified Wellness Counselors and Certified Peer Supporters. Sessions will be delivered primarily in a virtual setting.

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Healthy minds build strong communities.

Mindfully Wellness Topics

While Mindfully Wellness sessions are entirely customizable, we do have two regularly requested trainings that are great places to get started.

Health & Wellness 101

In this training, Mindfully Wellness Counselors and Peer Supporters focus on:

  • Reviewing what makes us "well"

  • Exploring the domains of wellness: social, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, physical, environmental, creativity, and financial

  • Assessing Well-being

  • Setting & achieving personal goals

  • Staying motivated

Building Your Mental Health Toolkit

In this training, Mindfully Wellness Counselors and Peer Supporters focus on:

  • Empathy, validation, and starting the discussion about mental health

  • Identifying and assessing risk for suicidal ideation and self-harm

  • Grief and crisis skills for critical incidents

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