Angie Reckendorf

Peer Support Specialist


My name is Angie Reckendorf and I am a Peer Support Specialist, Certified Health and Wellness Professional, and Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist. My goal is to provide compassionate support for those who are looking to reach their goals. I am here to support you as you learn how to live well while experiencing symptoms related to ADHD, PTSD/CPTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Growing up as a competitive soccer athlete, and as a child adopted through the foster care system, I understand many of the challenges that may be faced with while learning to live a fulfilling life. 

In 2018 I began coaching youth soccer and was reminded of the expectations that student athletes were expected to live up to with little to no resources, support, and compassion. I took pride in being aware of the mental health challenges athletes may be coping with which made coaching with compassion all the more important.  This level of awareness seemed to set me apart from the traditional way of coaching. Throughout my 5-year coaching career I was learning to navigate my own life's adversities. Adversities such as the complications related to leaving an unhealthy relationship, learning to cope with symptoms of an undiagnosed TBI, and finding hope in spite of being diagnosed with PTSD and Post Concussion Syndrome. 

I credit my ability to keep going to every player and coach I worked with along with the education I received around wellness sciences and brain health from Wake County Technical College. I understand what it's like to be, and feel alone while navigating unfamiliar circumstances and want to provide accessible support to others who are experiencing similar challenges. I am happy to offer you individualized support and resources to help you live well, while learning to accept, and overcome your unique circumstances. 


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