Ann Fulton


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


I have been a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner since 2008 and have been prescribing in the field for 14 years. For the past several years I have been doing contract work. From 2018 to 2020 I worked with a placement doing tele-psychiatry for community mental health at FHN hospital in Freeport, Illinois. In 2020 I joined Emergynt, a new tele-psychiatry company in Ohio, and continue to do community mental health work. In 2021 I began to work with Leeside Wellness.

I received my B.A. in psychiatry from the University of Cincinnati, my B.S. in nursing from the University of Cincinnati, and my MSN in nursing from the University of Kentucky. I am currently working on my DNP practice at Case Western Reserve University.
I am certified as a master psychopharmacologist through the NEI Institute. I am also certified as a tele-mental health provider.

I have always been passionate about behavioral health and equal access to quality care for all. I began to work with child trauma victims after completing my first bachelor’s degree. I saw a need for better medication management and decreased polypharmacy in this population. It was this that spurred me on to obtain my nurse practitioners license to better serve the behavioral health community as a whole.


AbuseMedication ManagementADHDTraumaPTSDBipolar DisorderAnxiety & Depression