Carey Ann Lopuchovsky




Hi! I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Supervisor, as well as a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor in Ohio. I have many years of experience working in outpatient settings, focusing on chemical dependency and dual diagnosis issues. I focus on meeting my clients where they are in their readiness and provide a supportive space to address life experiences with trauma, substance use, addiction, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, low self-esteem, behaviorial, and related issues. I am an EMDR Trained Therapist and a Dancing Mindfulness facilitator through educational programming provided by The Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

My approach combines a soft and warm demeanor, energy, and enthusiasm, supporting clients throughout their therapeutic process. I use a combination of cognitive behavioral approaches, EMDR Therapy, and Dancing Mindfulness. I aim to cultivate sources of strength, motivation, and empowerment with my clients, who encompass children, adolescents, and adults.