Carol McLennan




Often, people come to therapy when they’ve been struggling emotionally or mentally for a while. Conflicts or crises are inherent in life, and confusion, anxiety, or other feelings often arise during those situations.  Sometimes, people find that whatever coping methods that worked for them in the past are not working anymore. Other times, an unexpected crisis can really throw someone for a loop. In the end, people feel stuck.

In my therapy, I aim to create a collaborative experience where together, we can explore your lived experience honestly, openly, and comprehensively. That dialogue can provide a path toward self-awareness and self-understanding and lead to meaningful, self-directed choices. I also try to provide individualized tools and resources that each person can use beyond our sessions to help with their issues. CBT and DBT are two modalities I lean towards, and I’m also a lifelong learner, so I am always expanding my knowledge of how to help each person best.

The most important thing I can do as a therapist is to try and create a safe space to have that open dialogue, which for me means fostering an authentic, warm, empathetic, accepting relationship with each person. If you are reading this and in the process of finding a therapist, I applaud you for taking this step. I hope you find someone you can connect with, whether it’s me or someone else. And I hope the best for you on your therapeutic journey.

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