Carol McLennan




Carol has followed a career path devoted to helping others. Early in her career, she worked as a  registered dietitian helping children with diabetes and their families manage the disease. During that  time, she earned a master’s degree in public health (MPH) from Temple University with an emphasis on  community health education. The start of a family brought a period of personal growth, volunteer work,  and self-employment as a developer and teacher of classes designed to help children establish a healthy  relationship with food. As her own children matured, Carol chose to return to school. She recognized  that helping people navigate challenges and grow had been the richest aspects of her professional life.  She completed a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Counseling at John Carroll University, and passed the  National Counseling Exam, in 2019. While earning her degree, she interned at a private practice in  Northeast Ohio specializing in eating disorders where she continued after graduation. In addition to  helping clients with struggles related to food and body image, Carol helped clients address other  challenges as well, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, etc. She also enjoyed  working with clients processing major life transitions including college, job changes, and retirement. In  2020 she moved to Denver with her family. Carol believes that change can be messy and hard, and  sometimes painful, but it can also be a process of gaining wisdom, broadening horizons, and finding  sparks of joy.

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