Katie Leiter




My name is Katie (She/Her) and I am a psychotherapist in Boulder County. I am passionate about working with adults, college students, and young adults who are navigating anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions and trauma. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process that leads to positive change, and I am committed to creating spaces for clients to be fully seen, understood and held with empathy and positive regard.  In working with individuals, I use a humanistic psychotherapy approach, creating a non-judgmental space where clients take agency in addressing what brought them into therapy. Life can consist in navigating peaks and valleys, and I believe in partnering with my clients in evaluating these challenges by learning how to respond to them in meaningful ways.  With degrees in both Psychology and Clinical Social Work, my experience stems from inside and outside the classroom, within the community and clinical settings, helping folks overcome a variety of challenges and concerns.

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