Laith Sersain




I am a licensed social worker. I graduated from The Ohio State University with my Master's in Social Work in 2019. Before coming to Compass Point, my experience was working in mental hospitals with people who had severe symptoms due to mental illness, and helping them to make their symptoms more manageable quickly. Thanks to this experience, I can offer a lot of skills and education to my clients who are struggling with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or borderline personality disorder. I also had the population of working with people from many different backgrounds, and so I enjoy working with autistic adults and the LGBTQIA+ community. I look at therapy as a partnership between a therapist and a client, working together to find ways to move through life's challenges. I don't try to "fix" people - instead, I try to offer tools and compassion to those who are struggling. I have training in cognitive-behavioral therapy, but I try to offer an approach that focuses not just on changing thoughts and behaviors, but also on self-validation, and - most importantly - self-compassion. At the same time, I believe that as the client, you are steering the ship, and you can decide what skills and approach you would prefer. I know that it can be really scary to ask for help. If you need help, I hope that you will ask for it, and that you will be proud of yourself for asking. As long as I have the right skills to meet your needs, I'd be happy to work with you.

This clinician is currently under supervision by Mary Tanner, MSW, LISW.

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