Matias (Mat) Amaro





Matias (Mat) is a Clinical Social Work Candidate. Matias (Mat) speaks English, as well as conversational Spanish, highlighting the "Tex-Mex" dialect and Spanglish speaking languages adapted by bilingual speakers along the Texas/Mexico border. He utilizes evidence-based interventions to help foster a safe and supportive environment for his clients while enhancing his ability to connect with others by building trust and therapeutic alliance. Matias (Mat) brings a unique blend of culture that has helped shape key components of his identity and lifestyle. He utilizes a multicultural approach to being mindful of culturally appropriate solutions, identifying and discussing cultural differences and strengths, all while building cultural awareness. His passion for working with vulnerable populations, the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about themself and how to find an overall balance in their day to day life sets Matias (Mat) apart from the rest. From working with people of all backgrounds to creating an inclusive environment, he is devoted to empowering his clients to discover the power of self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and self-love. He incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy approach with his clients to create a client-centered and strengths-based environment. By utilizing mindfulness techniques, meditation practices, and psychoeducation, Matias (Mat) aids in helping his clients navigate anxiety, depression, self-esteem, self-identity, and life transitions. Matias (Mat) is also trauma-informed trained and has previous experience in trauma and crisis intervention as well as furthering his training in both EMDR and DBT. Matias (Mat) has recently moved to the Denver area with his chocolate lab and is excited for the new environment and new people to experience. Matias (Mat) enjoys going to the dog park, hiking, playing volleyball, listening to music, and documenting moments with a lens. LGBTQIA+ Friendly. All Welcome! To see current license information for this therapist please visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website here and type their name in the search box.