Sam Carney




I believe the relationship between client and therapist, is about the understanding that everyone has struggles. Difficult times are a part of the life experience and to seek help outside of family and friends for whatever those struggles may be is one of the hardest, most vulnerable and most courageous thing that a person can do. I believe that there is no power dynamic we are all people and we are here to learn from each other. Therapy is a simple conversation between people, and everyone contributes whatever they can to that conversation. I have an understanding that we are all connected, and have stories to tell. I see being a therapist as a privilege, honor and pleasure as each person is allowing me to see them for who they are sharing themselves and their story with me in what could be the toughest time in their life. It is my mission as a clinician to create an environment were clients can feel accepted, understood, supported and not judged. I want clients to be able to show not just me, but all people who they truly are without feeling any shame or guilt about who they are at the time and who they are becoming.  I am a licensed social worker who graduated from the University of Toledo with a BSW and earned my MSW in my hometown at the University of Houston. I have worked in community based and hospital-based treatment centers. I started out volunteering in a domestic violence shelter as a teenager and I have explored as many avenues of social work as possible from that moment.  I have been able to utilize client focused, solution focused, CBT, strengths based and problem solving therapy along with others. I have worked with a diverse group of people such as mental health with the diagnosis if anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar and substance use disorder.  I have done individual therapy, couples counseling as well as groups for a range of topics.  To add to my experience, I have been able to explore the LGBTQIA+ community and participate in leading a training for clinicians on how to better assist this community. I have also been able to speak about intimate partner violence across Ohio and in the city of Houston.  

This clinician is currently under supervision by Mary Tanner, MSW, LISW.

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