Stephen Harvey




Hi, I am Stephen Harvey and I use He/Him pronouns, a white cis-gendered male who is bi-sexual and polyamorous and an ally for the LGBTQIA+ and Non-binary community. I support those who need help finding their identities in life and help individuals identify feelings and be able to process them and use a wise mind to make decisions. All identities, sexual orientations, and those who are still walking the path of finding their sexual orientation and identities are welcome. I incorporate DBT and CBT work in sessions and use a variety of holistic interventions. I use mindfulness techniques with individuals and use a Person-centered, strengths-based approach, and a safe environment for all my clients to express all their identities. I am working on being EMDR trained, Internal Family Systems, and many more interventions to best support individuals. I am interested in working with PTSD, trauma, and those who have suffered a concussion.  I like to watch and play sports. I enjoy watching nature documentaries as well as Studio Ghibli. I have quite a range of interests and hobbies from going for drives to finger weaving to hiking and climbing. I like trying new things and my favorite hobby is finding a new breakfast restaurant (I love breakfast food).

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