Counseling Services


​At Mindfully, we believe in matching our clients with counselors who meet their needs and preferences. To help you feel comfortable right from the beginning, take a look at our clinician bios and treatment teams so that you can "meet your provider"  prior to your first appointment.

"Most amazing therapist ever. She truly cared about everything that I went through and was non-judgmental. I trusted that she made the best recommendations for me. She is always prepared for meetings and has such a thoughtful heart."

Same or Next Day In-Person Services

Meet with our world class clinicians in our calming and relaxing offices at a location near you! Our Mindfully practices are designed to foster trust, healing, and growth. We'd love to be your home for your mental health services.

Tele-therapy Services Anywhere

​With clinicians and clients throughout the United States, you can say goodbye to drive-time and hello to services in the comfort of your own home. Our tele-therapy services allow us to connect clients and clinicians based on unique specialities and preferences, not geographic location.