Mindfully Connection Program

The Mindfully Connection Program (MCP) provides high quality mental health and case management services to people on Medicaid. We believe proactive mental health care should be available to all regardless of financial status.

The MCP links interested participants with certified peer supporters who are trained to deliver mental health support and case management services.

Who is it for?

MCP services are for teens and adults who access Medicaid. Peer supporters are matched to participants based on lived experiences, identified needs, and goals.

Talk with someone who truly understands because they've been where you are today.

Get Started Today!

Connecting with the MCP is quick and easy! Simply call 888-830-0347 to get started or schedule online.

Accessing Services

MCP services can be accessed virtually through a computer/smart device or over the phone. Transportation is no longer a barrier to high quality mental health services.

Meet Mindfully's Peer Support Specialists

Get to know Mindfully's peer support specialists and learn more about their lived experiences and services. Meet the Team