Peer Support Services

Do you need someone who understands you, who can give you great advice?  Our Peer Support Specialists have walked the same road as you. Let them be your guide.

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Research shows Peer Support works. Our Peer Support Specialists are trained and certified to provide a variety of mental health care management services.

Our diverse Peers can relate to you because they have lived mental health experiences like anxiety, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ challenges, being a veteran, dealing with depression, and much more.

Our Peers have been certified by the State of Ohio and trained to help you in your healing journey. We offer affordable self-pay rates.

(Currently, Peer Support Services are only available in Ohio.)

Peer Led Support

Peer Support is flexible and offers one-on-one or group support sessions. 


Individual 1:1 Peer Support

Peer Support is an individualized and personal experience. Connect with a Peer Support Specialist with similar lived experiences as you. One-on-one Peer Support can occur in conjunction with group support, counseling, psychiatry, and other mental health services.

Group Peer Support

Support groups are once a week, virtual, and last 30 minutes. You decide which day works best for you! 

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Stress & Anxiety Support Group

Feeling overwhelmed? Constantly exhausted? Worried about what others think? Learn how to manage these feelings by talking with someone who has been in your shoes at our Stress & Anxiety Support group!

Adults – 12 PM EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Teens – 4 PM EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Self-Esteem Support Group

Do you struggle with a lack of confidence? You’re definitely not alone. Connect with others who feel the same way. Together, we’ll work to cultivate more self-acceptance.

Adults – 12 PM EST on Mondays and Thursdays 
Teens – 4 PM EST on Mondays and Thursdays


Body Image Support Group 

Not happy with the way you look? Don’t feel like yourself? Positive body image begins with confidence! Our Body Image Support Group will connect you with others on their own positive body image journey. 

Adults – 9 AM EST on Fridays 
Teens – 4 PM EST on Thursdays

What To Expect

You will meet virtually with your Peer using Mindfully’s easy HIPAA-compliant platform. Throughout your sessions, you will gain coping skills, community, and comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

For Individual Peer Support: Our intake assessment will match you with your Peer. 

For Group Peer Support: If you’re interested in participating in a Peer Support Group submit the registration form to add your name to our interest list.

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