Tele-Therapy Problem Solving

Are you having problems meeting your provider in their virtual waiting room? Troubleshooting

Tips for the best video call experience

Most common problems with video calls can be solved in a couple of steps. For the best video call experience, we highly recommend you do the following before a call:

  • Test your camera and mic

  • Use an updated browser, preferably Chrome

  • Check that your browser has access to your camera and/or mic

  • Connect to a stable network, preferably through an ethernet cable, especially if you are using an older device

  • Use headphones or a headset to prevent background noise and audio feedback

Solving issues

The following steps solve most issues with video meetings:

  • Reload your browser.

  • Try using an Incognito window, or Private mode.

  • Quit and reopen your browser. (On a Mac, hold Command (or Cmd) ⌘ + Q for a few seconds to quit Chrome.)

  • Make sure other apps aren't using your camera/mic. (For example, another video or conferencing product.)

If those steps don't work:

  • Try another browser (we suggest Chrome).

  • Reboot your computer.

  • These steps also can help:

  • Close down background apps that might be using Internet, like Dropbox

  • Try another computer or mobile device.

  • Try a different network.

Experiencing problems?

  • Are you using an ad blocker, or do you have any browser extensions installed?

    • These might block access to your camera. Try opening an Incognito window.

  • Can others not hear you?

    • Your browser may not be set to the correct mic settings.

  • Can you not hear others?

    • Check that your audio is routed to the correct speaker or headphones.

  • Are you using Windows? o

    • Check for system updates.

What happens if I am getting an echo when using

Typically headphones fixes the echo or you may need to update/download a new audio driver. Also, using Chrome for provides the best experience.

There seems to be a lag when I’m connected through a mobile device. What do I do?

Switch to a laptop or computer. has found that older models of phones can have difficulties with the demands of a video call (CPU usage can be too high for a device like a phone).

I’m having audio issues, what can I try?

If you’re using an headset, either try a different headset or use the device speakers instead. If these are not options for you, please try:

  • shutting down all other apps that are open at that time

  • connecting to another network, like WIFI or a 3g/4g network

  • turning off the camera

  • updating your phone and all necessary apps